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"Hablar es Prevenir" Campaign PDF Print E-mail

The campaign is aimed at adults in their roles of parents, teachers and friends, to help them understand the importance of the issue and to start talking about ways to prevent it in their homes, in schools, at work, with friends. The campaign shows that, given the problem of teen pregnancy, there is a solution. Therefore a positive tone used in communications to build participation and engagement between people.


The campaign includes television and radio spots, ads for print, outdoor advertising and online elements. We have also developed resources for parents to talk to their children, which can be found on the website of the organization.


Catherine Fulop, star of the campaign, addresses the audience in a friendly, proactive way, encouraging adults to talk about teen pregnancy with their children and to visit to find guidance: from tips for "padres preguntables" (parents who can we asked questions, no matter which), like why, how, when, what and where to speak, to myths and realities of pregnancy and sexuality. They can also find figures on teenage pregnancy in the country and information on prevention.


The site encourages parents to interact by sharing their testimony or asking questions via the website (Participá) and social networks (Facebook UNFPA Argentina and Twitter UNFPAargentina).



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Radio spots

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