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in2action takes a holistic approach to fundraising and communication. In our strategies for example,  we take into account relevant information about the market, but also carefully consider all of the internal aspects that make a successful fundraising strategy including the mission and vision of the organisation, programmatic experience and goals, management and branding and communication issues. We know that fundraising does not succeed in isolation, but as an integrated area and process within the organisation.

We are also pioneers in Latin America integrating both fundraising and communication strategies both using online and offline media. We definitely believe that in any successful fundraising development, communications in any of its forms is fundamental. We know the importance of the concept of branding in the commercial world and its success when used with not for profit. We therefore have helped several organizations to develop communication strategies integrating their messages with a 360º vision. 

We offer local and international not for profits the following services:

    Fundraising and Communications Strategies
•    Fundraising campaigns
•    Communication campaigns
    Consultancy and audits

    Fundraising and Communications Strategies

action can help your organisation by developing the best fundraising or communication strategy suitable to your needs. 

We will review your current fundraising and communication programs based on a thorough analysis and strategic planning tools. We take into account all the information available in the relevant market as well as internally from your organisation and thus develop a strategy. 

The final product has concrete recommendations for every fundraising or communication activity for each target audience, including available methods such as direct mail, print media, mass media, telephone, face-to-face fundraising campaigns, corporate partnerships, internet, among others, and a comprehensive schedule of tasks and budget lines. 

Your organisation can always choose the best way to implement the suggested strategy, whether it is through our services or in house or with another company or organisation.

•    Fundraising campaigns

in2action can help your organisation develop, and assist you in implementing a thorough professional fundraising strategy. This fundraising plan can range from strategies for obtaining donations from individuals through to application writing to institutional givers. We work on both recruiting and donor cultivation campaigns.

o    Direct response fundraising: we are experts in the planning and creation of a  direct marketing response plan, aiming to obtain the highest response rates by:  
• The creation and production of tailored mail packages. 
• Giving advice on the best telemarketing schemes, administrative circuits, data base management. 
• The creation and production of mass media appeals: press, radio and Direct Response TV spots. 
• Creation and production of online campaigns.
o    Corporate alliances schemes. We help your organisation to find    the most suitable strategy for approaching companies, the preparation of materials and co-ordination. This area can be lucrative for non-profits yet needs to be implemented professionally in order to obtain the desired results. 
o   Other Fundraising Methods: in2action can also help your organisation in the creative, production and implementation of special events, application writing to institutional givers, major donor appeals and much more.

•    Communication campaigns

If your organisation needs a new Institutional, Information or Prevention campaign, in2action can help with the creative design, production and implementation of mass media campaigns. We are interested in creating communication pieces that prove to be effective to the target audiences addressed, that is why we will design the best communication plan that suits your needs, thus mobilizing people in favour of your cause. 
We help with all aspects of the creative design and implementation of press ads, radio spots, TV ads, street billboard campaigns, Internet banners and all ambient media available. 
We work hard to position your organisation as standing out from others in a world where competition is high and brand messages are key. We aim to produce unique communication materials for you that really address the issues involved and motivate the target audience.

    Consultancy and audits

in2action can help your organisation by being on site or online and discussing your current and planned communications and fundraising activities and working out the best way to improve them. 
We can do this on a working day basis and review whatever current challenges may need to be addressed and suggest the best practical recommendations. 
This service provides you with a presence in your organisation or online that you can count on for advice in all of the areas we specialise in.


in2action has developed training materials and workshops on both communication and fundraising with a case approach.
We believe in providing organisations with best practice tools, based on what is working best in the different regions at that time.
The main theme of these training methods is to make practical advice available to organisations on how to start or improve their current efforts, which can be put into practice immediately after the training. 

We can organise specific training clinics or skill share addressed to regional or global organisations, sending their different country offices' staff.