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We are working on the creativity and production of a series of ads and online banners, the first of which was published in the newspaper La Nación on June 15. With support from Fundación La Nación, Potencialidades has the opportunity to be present with advertising both in the newspaper and the group´s magazines and their online sites. Stay tuned for the next ads that will come soon!


The campaign revolves around the concept of the heart as a visual icon that sums up the love and commitment of the organization, both in children and young beneficiaries and volunteers, members of the playgrounds and the executive team. The aim of the campaign is to strengthen Potencialidades´ brand so that more people get to know it and be willing to support it with their donation.


We share below the first of the ads published in the newspaper. You can also see the campaign in Potencialidades´ website: