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Norma Galafassi, director of in2action Fundraising & Communication, joined the team of authors who co-created the book “Global Fundraising, how the world is changing the rules of Philanthropy”, published by AFP and Wiley, writing the chapter on Fundraising in Latin America.

The book is a project of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) in the United States and Wiley (the largest publisher in the world of academic and nonprofit organizations books), whose goal is to give an overview of the world of fundraising today from a practical perspective. The idea is to show what are the challenges and successes of raising global funds, and with that purpose two international experts met: Bernard Ross (Great Britain) and Penelope Cagney (USA), as book publishers.

In order to display an overview of philanthropy, fundraising and its development, 20 experts of international prestige were summoned to be co-creators.

Global philanthropy continues to grow and "success stories" are no longer seen only in countries with organized philanthropic tradition, as some European or U.S., but come from many other countries, as shown by the 20 experts.

The book is organized in chapters that cover different geographical areas, written by colleagues who come from these regions and have an international vision, as for example North America, including Canada (Penélope Cagney and Andrea McManus), China and Hong Kong (Lu Bo & Fang Nan), Europe (Chris Carnie), East Europe (Mair Bosworth, Ide and Matt Zaharia Anca), India (Usha Menon and Tiwari Anup), Australasia (Sean Triner), Japan (Masataka Uo), Asia (Choi Youngwoo), Africa (Mike Muchilwa) and Middle East and North Africa (Dr. Tariq Cheema and Spira Adnan). Norma Galafassi was responsible and author of the chapter on Latin America from Mexico to Argentina.

The book also has another series of chapters with general reflections on topics such as innovation in fundraising (Bernard Ross), the social media online (Marcelo Iñarra Iraegui), major donors (Angela Cluff and Paula Guillet) and other topics.


Where can you buy the book?

The book can be purchased through Amazon and other online bookstores in the paper version, but also in electronic format to download, for example for Ipad. Besides the book there is a webpage with resources to join the global Fundraising initiative and upload and download information. Find it in


Big Mac Philanthropy Index

As part of the project a Big Mac Philanthropy Index was developed. As in Economy in order to compare values ​​of different goods and services in different countries we use the value of a Big Mac, the objective was to develop an index that could compare, for example, what is the average monthly donation of individuals in different countries in a simple manner. Using this index the different donation levels are compared against the price of a Big Mac burger or equivalent. As these products are very similar in different countries, equivalences can be achieved faster. Thus, through the index we can answer the question of what are the most generous countries. Do the Japanese donate the equivalent of three Big Mac per month and the British only two? So in the wiki everyone is invited to contribute with their data and also be co-creators in this project.

Click here to see the index created in 2013.